It Will Make You Sick

There are Various Ways to Get Help with a Mold Problem

                                The First Rule About Getting Help for Your Mold Problem

                                     1. Don't believe anyone, get the real facts yourself

                    The Road to Mold Help is Paved with Good Intentions and bad information

Most people don't know anything about helping you get assistance when it comes to Mold problems. Most Law firms don't have the answers either, and historically most Mold law suites get in front of a Judge in about two years The fact is most people need help way before two years.

Here are some resources that may help you in your search for help with your mold problem.


This site has a lot of Information you won't find anywhere else about Mold


This site allows you to report your specific mold problems and gives you good options and thoughts of the things you might need or want to do concerning your specific Mold Problem.

BioSign Labs  

This Lab specializes in Mold Allergen Blood profiling. Their staff visits you at your home or place of work and they produce an easy to read report as to the types of mold and levels of Mold in you Body or what Molds you've been exposed to.


If you have Mold this is a must read. "The Homeowners Guide to Mold"
Lot's of color pictures, what to look out for, who's a conartist, and a lot more. You may want to get this book before you file a Mold complaint.
It's available in all Lowe's, some Home Depots, Barns & Noble, Boarder's Books and

The North American Institute Of Technology

Give these folks a call. They produce some of the best trained Certified Mold people in the Country, They are a big Help.


This is an organization that has Certified people across the Nation for Mold testing

Center for Disease Control  "CDC"

Environmental Protection Agency "EPA"

Get Mold Tested

Legal, environmental, blood testing and more a great resource site.

Mold Tests.Org

Explore the different types of mold testing, and the different reason to have Mold testing done

BioCide Corporation

Products that Kill Mold. All EPA approved